Unveiling SASSA’s April 2024 Grant Boost: A Beacon of Hope for Pensioners

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April 2024 marks a pivotal moment for SASSA grant beneficiaries as the South African Social Security Agency rolls out its first significant grant increase of the year. 

Orchestrated by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana and tailored to align with annual inflation rates, this boost aims to provide financial relief to the nation’s elderly. 

This article sheds light on the intricate details of these adjustments, ensuring beneficiaries are well-informed and prepared for the changes ahead.

SASSA News in 2024 - Grant Increase Announcement

SASSA News in 2024 – Grant Increase Announcement

In 2024, the SASSA grant increases were tailored to offset the impact of inflation, offering much-needed financial support to beneficiaries.

These adjustments include:

  • Old-age Beneficiaries (60-74 years): Will receive R2,180 from April.
  • Old-age Beneficiaries (above 75 years): Will receive R2,200 from April.

Grant Increase Details:

  • Old-age, Disability, War Veterans, and Care Dependency Grants: Will see an increase of R90 in April, followed by a R10 increase in October.
  • Child Support Grant: Will experience a single increase of R20 in April.
  • Foster Care Grant: Also set for a one-time increase of R50 in April.

Despite the ANC’s pro-poor policies, the SRD grant will remain at R350 per month, with no increase announced.

Is Reapplication Necessary for Pensioners to Receive the SASSA Grant Increase in April?

No need for pensioners to reapply to receive the SASSA grant increase in April.

Current recipients automatically qualify for the increase.

Grants may be periodically reviewed to ensure eligibility, with advance notice given. Non-claiming for three months could result in cancellation, which would necessitate reapplication.

This process ensures continued compliance and qualification for government assistance.

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2024 Grant Payment Schedule

The SASSA Grant R350 payment schedule would look like this for the remainder of 2024:

Monthly breakdown: SASSA grant payment dates for 2024

MonthOlder Persons GrantsDisability GrantsChildren’s Grants
MayFriday, 3 MayMonday, 6 MayTuesday, 7 May
JuneTuesday, 4 JuneWednesday, 5 JuneThursday, 6 June
JulyTuesday, 2 JulyWednesday, 3 JulyThursday, 4 July
AugustFriday, 2 AugustMonday, 5 AugustTuesday, 6 August
SeptemberTuesday, 3 SeptemberWednesday, 4 SeptemberThursday, 5 September
OctoberWednesday, 2 OctoberThursday, 3 OctoberFriday, 4 October
NovemberTuesday, 5 NovemberWednesday, 6 NovemberThursday, 7 November
DecemberTuesday, 3 DecemberWednesday, 4 DecemberThursday, 5 December

This table organizes the SASSA grant payment dates for 2024, providing a clear overview of when each grant type will be disbursed monthly.

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How Can You Contact SASSA for Support and Information?”

For support and contact with SASSA, you can use the following methods:

These channels offer direct assistance and information on SASSA services and grants.

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