SASSA R350 Grant Still Pending Transactions – Resolves in this way

Pending. That one word had the power to crush Darrell’s spirit. He knew what it meant, even though the Social Security Agency (Sassa) representative had tried her best to explain it to him in a way that he would understand. His application for a grant of R350 hadn’t been approved, and he didn’t know why.

SASSA R350 Grant Still Pending

And now he was starting to regret ever applying for the grant in the first place. What if his application never got approved? He would be out of luck – and out of money too.

But Darrell refused to give up hope. He knew that there must be a reason why his application was pending, and he was determined to find out what it was. With any luck, maybe there was still time for him to fix whatever went wrong with his application.

This is Darrel’s story but it could be the story of anyone who needs R350 support. Here are the necessary actions to take when your SASSA r350 grant is still pending transactions 

Why is my SASSA R350 Grant still Pending Transactions? 

Many applicants who applied for the SASSA r350 grant are still waiting for their applications to be approved. This is because SASSA is still in the process of scanning the applicant’s details so that they can be verified.

The agency recommends that applicants keep an eye on their Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant status for any updates. Once the application undergoes the verification process, the agency validates the applicant’s name, surname, and ID number with the Department of Home Affairs.

Check SASSA Status for RD350 To ensure that applicants are not recipients of other grants or sources of income, their ID numbers are matched against various databases such as Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), South African Revenue Services (SARS), and National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Thereafter, the applicant’s ID number and phone number are scanned through a Fraud Risk Scoring process. If their application is approved then they will receive their payment through the Post Office, bank, or Cash Send.

Even though SASSA continues to process payments of the current cycle of the r350 grants, many applicants still have a ‘Pending’ application status.

According to SASSA, these applicants are experiencing this delay because the agency has been trying to keep up with the influx of current applications. SASSA is aware of the backlog of applications from may and said that they are working towards resolving the matter through a project they are working on. To fix this issue, applicants may have received their July payments before there may payments.

The agency hopes to provide its beneficiaries with their may payments in august. Although beneficiaries may be receiving their may payments in august, they should be aware that they will not receive double or lump sum payments, because sassa assesses every month individually.

To clear the backlogs, sassa may need further information from applicants to verify the information provided when they applied.