SASSA Reconsideration Status Check for R350

Amahle had always been a proud person. She had never asked for help from anyone, not even her family. So when she found herself in a difficult situation, she was reluctant to ask for help from the government.

But when she found out about the Social Relief of Distress grant, she decided to apply. She was denied the first time, and then again the second time. She was starting to get frustrated. She didn’t understand why she was being denied help, when she needed it the most. She decided to apply for reconsideration, but she was denied again.

SASSA Reconsideration Status Check for R350

This time, she was really starting to get angry. She didn’t know what to do anymore. She felt like she was stuck and that no one was willing to help her.

This story of Amahle is one that could happen to any of us. Here’s how to apply SASSA Reconsideration Status Check for R350.

How to Application for reconsideration SASSA

There are two ways to apply a SASSA resonsideration, which are listed below.

Reconsideration SASSA online

Visit the SRD Website:

  • Go to ‘Application for Reconsideration’ tab.
  • Click on where it says ‘click here to apply for reconsideration’.
  • You will be asked to provide your ID number and Mobile number.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the reconsideration of your payment.

Reconsideration SASSA telephone

  • Call Sassa on 0800 60 10 11 
  • Select option 3
  • Speak to the Sassa consultant to lodge your reconsideration request.

Sassa has announced to clients that they are facing a setback in the reconsideration requests. The agency assures customers they are working diligently to fix the problem.